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Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Pet Reptiles and Birds

Providing proper Reptile Vitamins and Mineral Supplements for your pet reptile is an important part of reptile nutrition and to ensure they stay well, healthy and thrive in your care.

It is also important to deliver supplemental vitamins and minerals at the same time. 

There is a direct relationship between vitamin and mineral usage and you should therefore always aim to deliver them together.  The  presence of one often helps the absorption of the other.

We offer an extensive range of Reptile Vitamins and Mineral Supplements from Arcadia EarthPro, Habistat, and Repashy allowing you to select the perfect vitamins and minerals for your species of pet reptile.


Calcium is vital for your pet reptiles bone growth and maintenance, muscle function, and metabolism.

When blood calcium levels are low, a condition called hypocalcemia, your pet reptile may suffer muscle twitches and lethargy. 

Calcium is stored in an animal’s bones and is also released into the animal’s bloodstream for muscle function.

A lack of supply or a lack of uptake of calcium leads to a serious condition known as metabolic bone disease.

To compensate for blood calcium deficiency, the reptiles body may utilise stored calcium from their bones to maintain blood levels. 

This can be serious problem for growing reptiles, causing poorly developed or soft bones that are prone to fractures.

Long-term calcium deficiency can also lead to secondary hormonal problems involving the parathyroid glands that help regulate calcium level

However, it is not just a lack of calcium that creates problems but also a complex relationship between many vitamins and minerals.

Calcium and essential Magnesium

The correct provision of Magnesium is not only vital to the Calcium, Phosphorous and D3 cycle but it is also responsible for maintaining and regulating positive neurological and muscular health in reptiles.

Magnesium is stored within the bones and helps regulate healthy Calcium storage. It also works as a critical agent with biological enzymes to help regulate nerve and muscle function, protein synthesis, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and plays a very useful role within the digestive system.

Arcadia EarthPro CalciumPro Mg has been developed to be used safely in place of sole sources of Calcium.

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is an important vitamin in reptile nutrition. It is essential to good eye and skin health. 

Vitamin A comes in one form, pre-formed vitamin A (retinol), which is found in animal sources (such as the liver). However, pre-vitamin-A nutrients known as carotenoids come from plant matter, and beta carotene is the most well known. Many animals bodies can convert these nutrients into vitamin A.

Carotenoids provide much more nutritional benefit than their ability to be converted into retinol. They are an important part of a balanced diet.

Vitamin A deficiency is common in pet reptiles, but it’s not as easily recognised as vitamin D3 deficiency. Typically sign of Vitamin A deficient are shedding problems and eye problems.

Arcadia EarthPro Vitamin A is a blend of natural, full-spectrum minerals and vitamins designed to be used at almost every feed and for all reptile species.

It contains a high grade Calcium for optimum bone health plus Bee Pollen, B vitamins, broad spectrum Amino acids and Carotenoid rich plants to help your pets thrive. EarthPro-A is a nutrient packed powder that can be used with any reptile species, offering you total peace of mind with high levels of bioavailable nutrition.

Provide Important Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is by far the most important vitamin in reptile nutrition. In nature a reptile synthesises vitamin D3 via the skin’s absorption of ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is also found in the liver and kidneys of vertebrates. Most captive reptiles are kept indoors, and most, other than snakes, are not fed significant amounts of whole vertebrates. Without getting vitamin D3 naturally in their diet, reptiles rely on their keepers to provide a source that replaces, if balanced correctly, the need for sunlight.

Lizards such as Bearded Dragons benefit from having their feeders dusted with a vitamin/mineral supplement and calcium such as Repashy Superfoods Calcium Plus All-in-One Vitamin and Calcium Supplement or HabiStat Repton Insect Dusting Supplement.

Vitamin B

Many of the problems surrounding poor shedding are caused by poor nutrition, poor hydration and inaccurate humidity.  Animals with low levels of B vitamins can experience difficult or partial sheds.

Arcadia EarthPro Shed Support is a mineral and vitamin powder to be used over the usual shedding cycle. This dosed powder helps to provide support to animals by boosting levels of those nutrients quickly depleted during the rigours of the shedding cycle.

Shed Support contains a double dose of B vitamins, natural vitamin E from plants and Bee Pollen to aid with skin health.

Start using EarthPro Shed Support and you should see a great improvement in your animal’s shedding.


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Amphibian and Turtle Foods, Vitamins and Supplements

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Amphibian and Turtle Foods, Vitamins and Supplements

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