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Habistat Mat Stat Reptile Thermostat Heat Source Suitability

The HabiStat Mat Stat Reptile Thermostat is an on/off thermostat that is ideal for controlling the temperature of heat mats and other low powered heaters up to a maximum load of 300 watts.

A remote waterproof sensor probe on a long lead monitors the temperature in your reptile’s enclosure, and sends signals to the heat mat to either increase or decrease the intensity of the heat mats output and this maintains a steady temperature.

When switched on the power indicator will shine and when the heat source is switched on the heat indicator will shine. 

Please Note: This thermostat is not suitable for controlling light bulbs or ceramic heat lamps.  The constant turning on and off of the light bulb would not only distress your animals but would cause frequent failure of the lamps. This, in turn, is very likely to make your thermostat fail. For light emitting heat sources use a HabiStat Dimming thermostat.

The HabiStat Mat Stat is available in black or white and easy to use,

The HabiStat Mat Stat has a five year manufacturers guarantee.

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