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Looking for high quality LED plant growth lighting to aid plant growth in your Bio Active planted reptile vivariums?

LED (Light emitting diode) plant growth lights are used to encourage and promote plant growth. 

Plants utilise different wavelengths of light to promote vegetative growth and flowering. 

LED lights are very efficient and capable of producing the type of light needed by plants.

Not only are LEDs great for encouraging plant growth, they are very energy-efficient and require very little power to produce light.

While they are more expensive than fluorescent bulbs, LEDs use significantly less electricity and last up to five times longer so more than pay for themselves in the longer term. 

Regular incandescent bulbs tend to give off too much heat and can burn tender foliage. LED bulbs are capable of much greater light intensity than fluorescent bulbs and are especially good because they give off very little heat.  They are also mercury-free, and won’t shatter like glass. 

Arcadia Jungle Dawn are perfect for use in or over Amphibian setups and especially those in which live plants are grown. It can also be used with Day Geckos, Crested Geckos, Chameleons and all other reptiles and amphibians where a high quality non UV emitting light source is required.

The Arcadia Jungle Dawn is ideal for Orchid keepers and for growing all other light loving exotic plants inside of a terrarium or grown separately in soil or hydroponically.

We offer an extensive range of Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED plant growth lighting including Jungle Dawn compacts in 9W, 13w and 22w, the 40 Watt High Power Spotlight with internal cooling fan and the full kit Jungle Dawn LED  Bars.  We are sure to have the perfect LED solution for your requirements.

Not just for Plant Growth

There are benefits to providing Full Spectrum Lighting for Reptiles from Arid environments.

Why should we provide full spectrum lighting?

Almost all invertebrates including have a small endocrine gland located in the epithalamus near the centre of their brain.  This gland is called the pineal gland and derives its name for the shape of the gland which resembles a pine cone.  

The pineal gland produces melatonin which is a serotonin derived hormone and which modulates sleeps patterns amongst other things as well as regulating a number of bodily and brain functions.  The pineal gland is a kind of photoreceptor and in many species of reptile and amphibian the epithalamus is linked to a light sensing organ known as the parietal eye, also called the pineal eye or sometimes referred to as the third eye.

So the bottom line is the provision of full spectrum visible light to our Arid and Desert dwelling diurnal species such as Bearded Dragons, Blue Tongued Skinks Savannah Monitors and Uromastyx will inspire their natural basking behaviour and help them to regulate functions in their body and brain.

Our optimum heating and lighting set up shouldn’t be without a full spectrum light source.

The Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bars can be connected via the link cables provided in each kit to your ProT5 UVB Kit to provide the most complete lighting solution for your Arid and Desert Dwelling diurnal species.

This lighting configuration can then be controlled from one timed circuit to completely automate your daily photoperiod.  

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Full Spectrum LED Lighting

Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED, 22 Watts

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