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Habistat digital reptile dimming and temperature thermostats

Habistat Digital Thermostats are available in 3 models.

Habistat Digital Dimming Thermostat with Day and Night Timer, 600 Watt is the top of the range digital reptile thermostat.

This model is suitable for most heat sources and will provide a continual temperature rather than a hot/cold cycle. 

The Digital Temperature Thermostat with Day and Night Timer is an On/Off reptile thermostat suitable for almost all applications. This model is not suitable for use with heat bulbs.

An On/Off thermostat that a continual readout of both temperature and time and can be used in either heat or cool modes.

The Digital Temperature Thermostat with Timer, 600 Watt is a digital On/Off thermostat.

The LED display provides you with a continual readout of both the current temperature and time.