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Habistat Digital Thermostats are available in 3 models.

NEW DESIGN Habistat Digital Dimming Thermostat with Day and Night and Timers, 600 Watt is the top of the range digital dimming reptile thermostat.

This model is suitable for most heat sources and will provide a continual temperature rather than a hot/cold cycle.  You can set your required daytime temperature and night time temperatures separately.

The LED display provides you with a continual readout of both the current temperature and time.  The revolutionary power meter continually displays the percentage of power at the heater. A coloured icon flashes to indicate the function that is presently in use.

The Digital dimming thermostat has a separate timed circuit to turn separate heaters, lighting fans or Rain Making Systems or Humidifier Systems on and off twice in any 24 hour period. 

The low voltage sensor is a waterproof and on a 3 meter long cable

You can fully adjust the alarm to give both a visual and audible warning when temperature goes above or below the temperature parameters you have set.  Should you wish you can also disable the alarm fully if it is not required.  You can set both upper and lower temperature limits and the readout measures to 0.1°c.

All of the Digital Habistat thermostats come with a 12 months manufacturers guarantee.


Habistat Digital Dimming Thermostats are sensitive scientific instruments and are vulnerable to heater short circuits that can render the thermostat inoperative.

The Digital Dimming Thermostat contains a Super Fast blow fuse as a safeguard and protection against heater short circuits.  This is effective in ensuring that in most cases the Thermostat is not damaged by the heating short circuit.

However in addition a secondary safety feature has now been added that will turn off the heating source in the event the thermostat is damaged by a heating short circuit.  The safety cut out is activated by the alarm setting and so its important that you do not set the alarm setting too narrow (close to the desired set temperature) as it will activate this new safety feature.  The default manufacturer setting is 3 Deg C and this is the minimum HabiStat recommend for the alarm setting.

We only advise the use of quality tried and tested, reliable and certified heat sources to be used in conjunction with your thermostat.  This is of paramount importance for the safety of your animals and the integrity of your equipment set up.  We often receives cries for help that Thermostats have failed and it soon becomes apparent the cause of the failure is a short circuit caused by a low quality heating source.


The display now has 4 LED’s illuminating it, one on each corner fo the display,  These LED’s alternate  on a 12 hour cycle which vastly increases the lifespan of the display.  


Download the HabiStat Digital Dimming Thermostat Safety Features  (PDF)

Download the HabiStat Digital Dimming Thermostat Instructions  (PDF)

Habistat Digital Dimming Day and Night with Timer Thermostat

The Digital Temperature Thermostat with Day and Night Timer is an On/Off reptile thermostat suitable for almost all applications. This model is not suitable for use with heat bulbs.

An On/Off thermostat that a continual readout of both temperature and time and can be used in either heat or cool modes.

The Digital Temperature Thermostat with Timer, 600 Watt is a digital On/Off thermostat.

The LED display provides you with a continual readout of both the current temperature and time.

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