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Arcadia EarthPro Complete Food range of high quality all natural  complete reptile foods. 

EarthPro InsectiGold is an insect rich whole diet for insectivores.  This mix is perfect to use with species including the Bearded Dragon and many of the Chameleons but it can also be used with some Monitor Lizards, Agamids, Ground Geckos and some Amphibians.

EarthPro OmniGold is the new ‘Gold standard’ for feeding all omnivorous animals. Designed and made in the UK to help supply all of the nutritional items that these animals, including the Blue Tongue Skink needs to truly thrive in captivity in a full and balanced way.

EarthPro StickyFoot Gold is an all natural food specifically designed for Crested, Giant and Gargoyle Geckos. It can also be used to feed many species of Phelsuma ‘Day Geckos’. This is a rich and wholesome whole powdered diet that is simply mixed with cool water.

StickyFoot Gold contains what Arcadia believe is the perfect balance of 5 species of Insect including Calciworms and Silk worms and contains Hibiscus flowers alongside a Probiotic to help ensure digestive health.

EarthPro AmphibiGold is a wholly natural Wild-like small pelleted diet for Amphibians including Axolotls, Clawed frogs, Newts and Salamanders.

EarthPro TurtleGold is the Gold Standard in Aquatic Turtle care. It is a natural and balanced pelleted food mix for all aquatic Turtles. Formulated and made in the UK to the highest possible standard. This nutrient-rich mix of pellets contains the correct balance of, Fish, Shrimp, two insect species, aquatic invertebrates, essential plant matter, snails, earthworms, vitamins, natural full spectrum minerals, essential oils/fats and a probiotic.

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Amphibian and Turtle Foods, Vitamins and Supplements

Arcadia EarthPro AmphibiGold, 80g Pouch


Amphibian and Turtle Foods, Vitamins and Supplements

Arcadia EarthPro Turtle Gold, 300g Pouch