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Ball Python – Python regius

To enquire about purchasing one of our UK Captive Bred Ball Python – Python regius animals simply send us a quick message.  Include details of the animals you wish to discuss and we will come straight back to you.  We do not buy and sell snakes nor sell snakes for anyone else and only offer snakes that we have bred ourselves.


We accept payment via PayPal, Bank Transfer and Credit Card.  Payment plans are available and a 20% deposit will secure any animal.


Delivery costs will vary between £20 and £45 depending upon your location.

We personally deliver our snakes which may be for a pre agreed additional delivery fee.  Serpentia hold our own DEFRA issued Animal Transporter Authorisation Licence.  This allows us to deliver legally. We will be happy to issue you a copy prior to agreeing transporting our animals to you.  Serpentia does not deliver animals for anyone else and only deliver our own animals.


Our animals are not cared for at a retail premises and we do not permit members of the general public to visit us.

We will provide you with as much support as you may require either by phone or email or personal visit and will always assist you without hesitation and fuss. Our support is not quite 24/7 but its close.

If you are under 16 years of age we will not sell you an animal. If we don’t believe you are able to properly provide for the animals welfare we won’t sell you an animal.

We will ask you questions in order to determine your suitability to cater for the animals welfare, so please don’t be offended.

Our animals receive the best in captive husbandry care and we want to be sure that this continues for them after they leave us.

Animal Welfare

Providing for an animals welfare is not only the law, it’s morally what any animal lover would want to do.

If we have any doubts as to whether the snake will be properly provided for then we wont sell an animal.

Please spare a minute to visit our Animal Welfare policy page.