Selecting the correct reptile heating equipment, heat source and accessories to ensure you get your set up correct first time and provide your reptile with the correct type of safe heating is vitally important and the cornerstone of successfully providing a suitable environment for your cold blooded pet.

There are several methods of providing heat and the correct one will depend upon which species of reptile or amphibian you are providing heat for as well as the type of enclosure you are installing the heat source into.


All heat sources can be potentially hazardous if misused or incorrectly installed.  Do not take any risks with the lives of your animals.  Never install a heat source and then leave it unattended.  You must establish that your installation is correct and that the vivarium is being maintained at the desired temperature. Never expose your animals to any risk of over heating.  Once installed, heating and temperature should be tested for a minimum of 48 hours prior to the introduction fo any animals.  Do not risk any animals safety! 

If you are unsure which heat source to use or have a specific question about heating, then you are welcome to contact us for further advice.

Heat Mats

Heat mats are designed to provide contact heat for your reptile and are not designed for raising ambient temperatures in an enclosure. They provide infrared heat at a wavelength invisible to the human eye and heat objects in the vivarium rather than the air.  

We recommend and trust HabiStat Heat Mats. We use them extensively for our own animal enclosures.

HabiStat reptile heat mats produce ultra long wavelength infra red heat, they are a carbon impregnated cloth and are made in the UK.

Reptiles absorb this heat in a manner very similar to basking in a natural environment.  Heat mats are commonly used to provide heat for many species of snake, lizards and invertebrates.  

In many rack type systems a heat mat is usually the only source of heat that is required when installed correctly and providing that the ambient heat in the room where they are kept is adequate.

Heat mats should always be controlled by a thermostats.  For the most effective control of heat mats we recommend the HabiStat Pulse Thermostat.  

Ceramic Heat Lamps

Ceramic Heat Lamps produce and project Infra-Red heat into an enclosure.  They also called Ceramic Heat Emitters or simply Ceramic Bulbs.

Ceramic Heat Lamps produce Infrared heat which is readily used and can help to further stimulate natural biological function.

These lamps emit no visible light and as such are the perfect choice for many systems where heat is required throughout the day and night without disturbing essential circadian rhythms with unwanted light.

These lamps can become very hot, as such it is essential for the safety of your pets and your own alike that these lamps are only used with the correct wattage E27 Ceramic lamp holder.  Do not use a plastic bulb holder as they are likely to melt.  Ensure that Ceramic Heat Lamps are not placed directly against flammable material or other electrical items and that they are suitably caged at all times.

Ceramic heat lamps should always be controlled by a thermostat   and we recommend the HabiStat Pulse Thermostat.

We recommend Arcadia Ceramic Heat Lamps which are available in 50 watts, 100 watts, and 150 watts. The higher the wattage the more heat that they produce.

Mercury Vapour Bulbs

Mercury Vapour Bulbs produce infra red heat, UVA and UVB and visible light from a single lamp. 

Many species of reptile and Amphibian require a warm spot under which they can bask and become fully energised with heat and Ultra Violet.

Arcadia D3 UV Basking Lamps are the ideal all-in-one lamp for providing heat, light and UV.

Arcadia produces their D3 basking lamps in three sizes: 80 Watt Mini, 100 Watt and 160 Watt.

Mercury vapour lamps cant be used with a thermostat and so are unsuitable for smaller enclosed spaces due to the risk of overheating.  They are ideal for use in very large enclosures or over tortoise tables.

If you are looking for a fitting for this Basking Lamp we recommend Arcadia Reflector Clamp Lamp With Ceramic Holder with the smaller 140mm Clamp Lamp being suitable for the 80w Mini Basking lamp and the 200m Clamp Lamp for the 100w and 160w basking lamps.

Reptile Radiators

Reptile radiators are especially suited for raising the ambient temperature in large enclosures.  They do not provide a basking spot, and so they are usually used in conjunction with another heat source.

The HabiStat Reptile Radiator has been specifically designed to direct most of its heat out through the lower, radiating face. Protective insulation minimises the heating of the upper, mounting site.

Will not harm animals, people or fittings if mounted properly.

Deep Heat Projectors

The Arcadia Deep Heat Projector uses cutting edge technology to produce the most natural and effective wavelengths of Infrared being Infrared A and Infrared B. 

These wavelengths have been almost impossible to replicate in balance within a small lamp up until now.

Infrared A and infrared B provide heat deep within the muscle tissues, warming the animal throughout just as it would in the wild. 

Having an internal reflector means far less of the heat is wasted. It also heats up very quickly, reaching target basking temperature in a fraction of the usual time.

The Arcadia Deep Heat Projector produces virtually no visible light and can be used throughout the day and night.

The deep heat projector uses far less power than many standard heating systems the 50W Deep Heat Projector can outperform a 100W Ceramic Heat Lamp.

This revolutionary lamp has a thick internal reflector which means far less of the heat produced is wasted. It heats up quickly, reaching and maintaining the target temperature.

You should use a thermostat to control the Deep Heat Projector and we recommend the Habistat Dimming Thermostat for accurate control

If you need any advice on which Reptile Heating Equipment and accessories you need then you are welcome to contact us for further advice.