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Reptile Light Guards are a vital piece of equipment to help us ensure that we are able to protect our animals from all potential sources of harm.  We should protect our pets from touching, or in the case of snakes, small lizards, frogs and inverts coiling around or sitting on a hot light or lamp.

Not only should we properly protect our animals from the potential harm that can be caused by hot lighting and equipment but we still want to provide them as much light as possible through the mesh of the guard, ensuring they receive the maximum levels of UV.

Another important consideration is the management of the power cables that supply our lights so Reptile Lighting Guards should allow for the proper cable management and help us guide them where we can secure them out of harms way.

Heating, Guards & Fittings

Arcadia Heat Lamp Safety Cage

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Reptile Lighting

Arcadia LampGuardPro, 126cm

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Reptile Lighting

Arcadia LampGuardPro, 81cm


Reptile Lighting

Arcadia LampGuardPro, 96cm

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