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Serpentia Snake Handling Hooks

Robust yet lightweight hooks that allow you to safely handle and guide snakes and reptiles.

Serpentia Snake and Reptile Handling Hooks

Serpentia Snake Handling Hooks allow you to safely handle and guide snakes and reptiles.

The hook comprises 3 separate pieces each being approximately 35cm in length allowing for easy transport in its own case.

Made from lightweight aluminium with 2 black hard foam hand grips and weighing in less than 300 grams.

A robust collapsible hook, extremely easy to manoeuvre and used for gently and safely guiding snakes and reptiles.

You can assemble the Serpentia Black Snake Hook to give you two different useable lengths of hook.

Assembly is easy and you need to simply slide two pieces together and press down on the button on the handle portion and lock into the hole on the second piece.

To disassemble, simply press this button again and separate.

The Serpentia snake hook can be assembled with all three pieces into a 105cm (42″ ) snake hook or you can use just two pieces to assemble a 70cm (28″ ) hook.

In its assembled 3 piece configuration is can support in excess of 4kg.

Key Features:

A robust and reliable snake hook.

It is easy to carry and transport and when not assembled is approx 38cm (15 inches) long when in its own carry case.

Sturdy and strong construction but weighing less than 300 grams.

Stylish design and complete with its own carry case and belt tab

You can quickly assemble/disassemble the hook and use it in 3 or 2 pieces.

Simply click and lock/unlock the pieces.

Serpentia Snake Handling Hooks are available in Red, Blue, Black and Silver models