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Serpentia Reptile Feeding Equipment

Tongs and tweezers made from high grade satin finish stainless steel.

Serpentia Reptile Feeding Tongs and Tweezers

Our range of reptile feeding tongs and tweezers are made from high grade  satin finish stainless steel.

The Feeding Tong range (Hemostats) can be locked to varying degrees via the handles ratchet which makes the gripping and control of items that much easier.

They are easily cleaned and sterilised and all models have serrated inner tipped jaws.

We supply 30cm and 45cm long Feeeding tongs in both straight and curved tipped models.

Our feeding tweezers are viable in 25cm and 40cm long models.

Serpentia’s reptile feeding tongs and tweezers are ideal for feeding Spiders, Scorpions, Snakes, Lizards, Fish and all species of exotic animal where you need to keep your fingers out of reach.

Feeding equipment models:

30cm long straight tipped feeding tongs

30cm long curved tipped feeding tongs

45cm long straight tipped feeding tongs

45cm long curved tipped feeding tongs

25cm long straight tipped tweezer

40cm long straight tipped tweezer

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Reptile Feeding Equipment

Curved Tip Feeding Tongs

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Reptile Feeding Equipment

Straight Tip Feeding Tongs


Reptile Feeding Equipment

40cm Long Feeding Tweezers

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