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Serpentia Professional Sexing Probes

Polished stainless steel 9 piece set designed with the welfare of your snakes in mind.

Serpentia Professional 9 Piece Snake Sexing Probe Set

When you are determining the sex of your snakes Serpentia’s professional snake sexing probes set is designed with the welfare of your snakes in mind.

The larger ball tipped probes have tapered shafts and have been manufactured from highly polished quality stainless steel, and are polished smooth.

The Snake Sexing Probes Set comprises of 6 ball ended probes and 3 micro ring probes all contained in their own protective zip up carry case.

The tapered shafts on the 6 larger probes have been designed to provide for a safer, deeper, probing depth area and the smooth ball tips provide for a safer probing procedure.

Our Professional Snake Sexing Probes Set is tried and trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike.

After use you can easily clean and sterilise them before placing them securely back into to their zip up case for safe keeping.

The set contains probes that are suitable for almost all sizes of snake.

Utilise the smaller micro ring probes for smaller animals progressing through the ball tipped larger probes as the animals size increases.

Important: Probing snakes is a skilled task that should only be considered and undertaken after suitable training has been provided by someone who is experienced, skilled and proficient in determining the sex of snakes with the probing technique.

Unskilled and incorrect use of probes and the probing technique can cause painful and harmful injury to your snake.

  • 6 different diameter ball tipped probes
  • Smallest ball tip diameter 1.0mm
  • Largest ball tip diameter 5.0mm
  • Tapered shafts
  • Micro rings probes ideal for smaller animals
  • Micro ring tip diameters of 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm