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Serpentia Reptile Hides

Serpentia Black Plastic Reptile Hides are made from thick polypropylene making them very durable and strong and easy to clean and disinfect.

Your reptiles will feel safe and secure inside our black hides.

They are made from recycled Polypropylene eco-friendly (plastic) material.

The more hides you buy the cheaper the unit price.

Our Black Plastic Reptile Hides are available in three sizes:


Length 14.5cm X Width 9.50cm X Height 6.0cm  Opening Width 4.0cm X Height 4.5cm


Length 24.5cm X Width 17.50cm X Height 5.5cm  Opening Width 5.0cm X Height 4.0cm


Length X Width 23.0cm X Height 8.5cm  Opening Width 6.5cm X Height 6.0cm

*sizes are approximate.

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