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Insect and Custodian Vitamin Foods and Gutloading Supplements

Feeding your reptile a nutritious diet is more complicated than offering the right species of insects. Insects that have been fed low quality diets or that have empty guts represent poor nutritional value for your reptile. 

To remedy this you should ‘gut load’ your feeder insects so they provide optimum nutrition when consumed.

Gutloading simply means feeding the insects nutritious foods so that the nutrition is then passed on to your reptile.  This  is a proven successful method for increasing the nutritional value of feeder insects.

We offer a range of high quality gutloaders and Arcadia Insect Fuel is a high quality zero bran plant based vitamin supplement which is ideal for both feeders and pet insects.

Habistat Cricket Diet is design specifically for gut-loading crickets and provides high calcium, vitamin D3 and 17 types free form amino acids leading to high effective cricket gut-loader.

Dusting the feeder insects is a proven and effective way of introducing vitamins and supplements into your reptiles diet.  Repton by Habistat is an Ultra fine insect dusting supplement which provides high adhesion tho the insects such as locusts or crickets and provides an ultra wide range of vitamins and minerals and amino acids.

In bioactive systems, custodians are used to clean up the waste from the enclosure. Custodians such as springtails and other isopods and roaches help to break down any organic matter and can survive on this as a food source alone, but in order to make sure that they thrive and do their job better, it is important to feed them.  By feeding your custodians you encourage them to multiply and to become a source of positive nutrition themselves. Arcadia Custodian Fuel is a potent custodian food, includes vitamins, minerals, calcium and spirulina which has been pelleted for ease of use.

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Insect & Custodian Foods

HabiStat Medivet Cricket Diet, 150g Pot

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Amphibian and Turtle Foods, Vitamins and Supplements

Repashy Superfoods Vitamin A Plus, 85g