Serpentia Professional Sexing Probes and Medical Dosing Kit

Sexing Probes

9 Pieces, highly polished stainless steel and ultra smooth ball ended probes in their own zip up carry case.

The Serpentia sexing probe set leaves all others behind, there are simply no better sexing probes available.

If you want the best probes and you should considering you will be inserting them into a snake, then these are it.

This really is a professional set.

Probing snakes is an accurate but delicate and skilled task that should only be undertaken after suitable training by someone who is experienced, skilled and proficient in determining the sex of snakes with probes.

Only attempt to sex snakes after suitable training and under suitable supervision.

Don’t try and teach yourself how to probe from videos on the popular video channels.

Unskilled and incorrect use of probes and the probing technique can cause painful and harmful injury to your snake.

For those of you that wish to buy your probes and collect them directly from us we will be happy teach you how to probe properly.

Professional Reptile Medical / Dosing Kit

This set contains:

• Stainless Steel Curved Dosing Tubes in 6 Different Lengths & Gauges
• Syringe for use with Dosing / Feeding Tubes
• 15cm Stainless Steel  Tweezers
• 16cm Stainless Steel Cerated Edge Forceps
• Cleaning Rod Insert
• 4 Piece Stainless Steel Specula Set
• Supplied In Zip Up Carry Case

Incorrect use of these items can cause painful and harmful injury to your reptiles.  Only use if you have suitable experience and training to do so.

Live outside the UK and want to order one of these sets? Please send us a message and we will tell you how to order.

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