Multimammates ~ the perfect feeder for Python regius

Multimammates are often referred to Multimammate mice when in fact they are not mice at all. They do share an affinity with both mice and rats but are more aligned to rats.  They are also known as Natal Multimammate Rat, Common African Rat, Soft-furred or African Soft-furred Rat.

If you want to give your Royals the best diet then Multimammates are unquestionably the hands down winner and Royals fed on multis have much better body and muscle tone, colour and growth than those Royals that are fed on other rodents.

In short Royals love to eat multimammates and those that are fed a diet of multis produce less waste and are significantly less prone to long periods of fasting as many fed on other rodents can be.

Multimammates are the professional Royal python breeders secret weapon, you will produce more clutches and more viable eggs and more frequently from female Royals that are fed on multimammates.

Those that have been breeding Royals for years and feeding multimammates know that they are the best diet for their animals.

Many females will go off their usual dietary preference just when you least want them to during their reproductive cycle leading to them prematurely depleting their fat reserves and ultimately absorbing their follicles.

Females that have been fed largely a diets of rats that go off their rat diet too early but commit to follicular development and ultimately go on to ovulate generally produce increased number of infertile ova.

Diet is one of the many critical variables to successful breeding and we feed our breeding females and male multimammates.

Males are infamous for going off their food during the breeding season and this can place unnecessary stress upon them leading to a greater susceptibility to illness.  However many males will happily take a multi between pairings and this maintains their condition and aids them in fending off potential illness through their entire breeding cycle.

The breeding results of UK Pythons & Boas are pretty much unmatched with regards to fecundity and diet is a major contributing factor in this success, a factor that you as the owner / breeder have total control and manage as part of your husbandry.

We prefer to keep our animals on multimammates and choose to feed rats and mice to those that will be surplus and sold to new owners.

Smaller meals more frequently leads to healthier Royals.   Putting it simply getting your Royals to eat an oversized meal is not the best option for them.

Smaller meals are more easily digested and used by your Royal and as a result they produce less waste (defecation).

The multimammates that we sell are the same sized premium quality multis that we feed to our own animals so you too can feed your Royals exactly the same feeder items that we feed to Royals in the UK Pythons & Boas collection.

The future of a Royal python’s diet without doubt lies with the multimammate.

You can buy your multimammates from us online and once you have seen the quality and experienced the results with your own animals you will be converted.

You can even speak to us about a monthly or bimonthly standing order and secure your future supply.

Not convinced?  Drop us a message and we will talk through any remaining questions you have.


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